“Primal Elegance” Images

…featuring Cocoon Jewelry, Eclectica Jewellery, and Sable Rose (currently designers-in-residence with the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace).  “Primal Elegance” was conceived, created, and hosted by the Fashion Research Institute (FRI).



I love this song “Flaunt”…and the YouTube video (with the snuggly critters) that goes with this song is beyond adorable.  I point it out only because I imagine all eyes will be glued on the  lovely ladies and the gorgeous jewelry in this video.  And that’s purrrrrfectly as it should be.


2 thoughts on ““Primal Elegance” Images

    1. Thanks, and you’re always so incredibly, wonderfully supportive!!! 🙂 The jewelry really is amazing. Plus the show was alot of fun to be in and help with. It was held at such an incredibly early hour that the time didn’t work with many schedules…still we thrilled to have maxed out the sim and to have run an hour over because of the enthusiastic response.

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