Primal Elegance

“Primal Elegance” … a jewelry installation 

Saturday, May 16, 2009
Time: 7 am SLT
Venue:  Shengri La sim



We invite you to join us at “Primal Elegance” a jewelry show of talented new designers.   The show promises to be a seductive reveal of the extraordinary talents of Shengri La Vintage Marketplace jewelers-in-residence:  Yoona Mayo (creator of Cocoon Jewelry), Tiffy Vella (creator of Eclectica Jewellry), and Rosie Barthelmess (creator of Sable Rose Jewelry).   Having curated the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace for the past six months, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Shenlei (Shengri La sims owner) and of seeing the amazing creations of these designers, all fairly new in the jewelry-making community.  I also have the distinct honor and pleasure of modelling in the “Primal Elegance” show, along with 11 other models all of whom are as lovely and as talented as the exquisite jewelry we will all be wearing.

"Primal Elegance" jewelry installation created by Shenlei Flasheart
"Primal Elegance" jewelry installation created by Shenlei Flasheart

Shenlei Flasheart’s vision and set design are not only smoldering; they are also compelling.  If jewelry could whisper sweet nothings,  it would do so in exactly this manner, as their creations do.  We’re pretty confident you’ll whisper sweet nothings, too.  And so we hope to enjoy the pleasure of your company tomorrow at “Primal Elegance” in Shengri La (slurl above) to hear your whispers of delight as you take in the amazing creativity of Yoona, Tiffy, and Rosie…three wonderful new voices in the world of jewelry.   

“Primal Elegance” is hosted and sponsored by the Fashion Research Institute, Inc.  FRI is committed to assisting emerging avatar apparel designers to bring their brand to the next level.


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