Luckier than a Lucky Chair

This happened several weeks (months?) ago.  I had meant to post this at that time (and obviously didn’t) but I had the happy surprise of discovering this photo on my computer.  So the post is finally here.  This photo was taken during a very playful impromptu lucky chair stalking  moment… 


Lucky Chair

Letters kept turning and none of them were ours, because, of course, the Lucky Chairs were watching us watch them.  So we did what every lucky chair stalker does.  We tried to psyche out the lucky chairs by getting playfully silly and pretending not to be watching the lucky chairs as they watched us.  I’m not sure how long we stayed in these contorted positions, but between all of our laughing and picture taking (not to mention our poses) we drew quite an audience.  Even the shop owner came down from somewhere in the sky to see in person what she had seen after we dropped our photos on her.

As far as I know/recall, none of our letters were called that day at that shop.  But it turns out that hearing the trumpet announce a lucky chair winner wasn’t at all the point.  It was just great fun laughing and being so wonderfully playful and silly in the moment with great and wonderful people.  Thank you for that.  Then, now, and always.

And on an unrelated note, I’m not sure why my Blogroll is no longer appearing even though my dashboard says that the list of blogs is there and showing.  Hmmm almost as mysterious as a lucky chair, but I shall figure this out too.  /me hops into a contorted silly position.  (Update:  yay, I figured it out!)