Moving Heaven and Earth

In SL, it seems we can touch the sky. 

While flying about and practicing inworld photography, I stumbled across what many talented photographers already know of and use expertly.  No, not photoshop…although that’s another one that I’d like to learn one of these days.  I’m talking about that little earth shattering/sky shattering (and apparently clock shattering) tool, the environmental editor. 

Here’s a “before” picture, with the environment set at the region default.

Sky set at region default
Sky set at region default

Here are a couple of pictures that resulted after moving the sliders around in the environmental editor.  You can pop the stars out and cause the moon to traverse the sky.  (It’s very cool to do this somewhat rapidly…it’s the same effect as fast-forwarding the sky in a film.)  You can even flip the moon and the sun around and spin the world on its head.  So to speak.

Moving the Moon
Moving the Moon

 And then there are several preset options, where the work of manipulating the sky, the clouds, the atmospheric density, the light, and stars has already been done and saved for the choosing…if you should choose not to do that work yourself.

Possibly one of several environmental preset options?
Possibly one of several environmental preset options?


Or maybe this was one of the presets?  I forget...
Or maybe this was one of the presets? I forget...
This is no new discovery for many, but it was great fun and very new to me.  I’ll have to open up that editor more often and play around with it…see what “lay of the land” (and the sky) it holds.  The nice thing is if you really create a strange mix of colors and light like I did several times, you can always revert back to the region default.  It’s nice that there are things that remain timeless…some things truly are and always will be.  Everywhere, always.

3 thoughts on “Moving Heaven and Earth

  1. Ooh, pretty! I keep meaning to play more with those controls myself, but I always get distracted. 🙂

    (One thing we really need is to allow an estate owner or a script or something to be able to set, or at least offer to set, the fancy environment settings for visitors, so the sky and ground and light and stars and all can be designed along with the build and easily shared; it’s so bizarre that this stuff is controlled purely view-side…)

  2. smiles me too! But you know how slow I am at photography to begin with…tinkering with the environmental editor brings my photo-snapping efforts to something slower than a snail’s pace. But it is fun and definitely a crayola box I need to mess around with. Oooo that’s a great suggestion! I went to a build recently (I forget the name of it) where I was given a notecard with instructions to set the environment as the creator envisioned it. I didn’t take the time to follow the instructions, I admit. It would have been ever so much nicer to simply click a button and select it. Really, a very great idea, smiles!

  3. Dale some estate owners do have environmental presets. Bryn Oh has presets for her sim Immersivia and she says she gets upset if people don’t use them. The cool thing about Bryn’s presets is once you have them saved they are fun to use other places.

    I think Torley has a bunch of presets he shares as well.

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