The sketches in this are mine…about half from earlier years, half current.    The RL photo is of my mother, who taught me how to draw.  Over her lifetime, she created more than 1,000 sketches, in every medium.  She was entirely self-taught, wildly talented, and incredibly loving.  My heroine, my best friend.  She embraced life within her soul, and I am lucky enough to have inherited this from her.  Her presence in this is of special importance to me.  I just know that from somewhere in the heavens, in the universes, both my mother and my father are smiling.  And that makes me very very glad.

The music — “Angels” by Robbie Williams — I love not only for the theme of angels, not only the performance and electrified energy but truly the collaboration, the oneness between artist and audience.  Incredibly powerful.  Gives me goosebumps.  Angels makes me fly.  Every single time, everywhere, always.

(Oh, and the slideshow tool is very easy to work with and – bonus – free.)