Eldemar is a new Elven role-playing world that is scheduled to open officially this Saturday, January 31st.  The other night, I was fortunate to enjoy a preview of this magical world.  Shenlei Flasheart’s line of romantic gowns, Debutante, now has a presence in Eldemar.  The other night, Shenlei invited me to join her to see the new Debutante shop space there, afterwhich Shenlei took me on a tour of the land. 

Edlemar is delightful and impressive and a world that is sure to be wildly popular. 

Contessa Gown, from Debutante, now in Eldemar
Contessa Gown, from Debutante, a shop of which is now in Eldemar
A Fae in Eldemar, near the human's marketplace (in background)
Michele the Fae in Eldemar, near the marketplace (in background)
A Fae in Eldemar, near the human's Marketplace (background)
Michele the Fae in Eldemar, near the Eldemar Marketplace
The Elven Castle of Eldemar
The Elven Castle of Eldemar

It’s apparent just from the surroundings that, as Shenlei says, “Eldemar was built with alot of love.”  But make no mistake, Eldemar is a role-playing sim — complete with Elves, Fairies, Gypsies, Orges, Dragons (lions tigers and bears), and a dungeon — so one can be killed there…highly annoying when you’re trying to look good taking pictures.  Because the sim is not yet officially opened, Shenlei and I were quite safe when we visited, as I was when I returned the other night to take pictures.  I would have taken pictures the first night with Shenlei, but I still haven’t mastered the technique of snapping images and walking and chatting.  Besides…Shenlei covers a vast amount of ground incredibly quickly, despite her petite size (or maybe because of it, come to think of it!).  

The Fairy Grounds of Eldemar
The Fairy Grounds of Eldemar


The Harbour of Eldemar
The Harbour of Eldemar

One of these days, I’ll do better at taking pictures on the fly.  It still takes me forever to set up what I think will be a nice composition; precisely why I can spend hours taking snapshots.  If nothing else, I hope these photos convey a bit of the atmosphere that permeates this wonderful new sim.   I didn’t post all the photos here or it would have lagged the post considerably, I’m sure.  (And it seems WordPress won’t quite allow me to post more than this, as it’s eaten two pictures that I’ve tried repeatedly to include in this post.)  You’ll find the other pictures on flickr.  Hopefully, I’ll get around to uploading those soon enough.  That reminds me…I need to return to Eldemar before the roleplaying ensues to snap more photos in Shenlei’s gorgeous Debutante gowns.


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