Happy Holidays, Happy Life

You know…it really is a wonderful life. 

I wish I had something profound to say, but I don’t.  It’s more a deep feeling that I have.   But I can articulate enough to share what we all know…that this season is a beautiful reminder to celebrate the gift of this shared experience, to marvel at all the things, great and small, that bring us wonder and joy and, most importantly, to cherish and love those who journey together with us.

Warmest wishes for the happiest of holidays, for a continued celebration – in this season and always – of all of life’s gifts.  

Thank you.


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The sketch of the forest animals is my rendition of a Lynn Bywaters illustration.  The photos in the video are from the Shengri La, Oubilette, and Wintermute sims, all in SecondLife(tm).  Pssst, Wintermute stays open only until December 25th, and both Shengri La and Oubilette sims appear to be thawing after the holidays, so hurry to see them all.  They are all gorgeous.

P.S.  One of these days, maybe I’ll learn enough in Photoshop to be able to create a card, smiles.