AU V Fashion Show, Nov 29th, 12 PM SLT, Shengri La Hope


 AU V Fashion … Late Fall Fashion Show


AU V Late Fall Fashion Premiere
AU V Late Fall Fashion Premiere

You are cordially invited to attend the Late Fall AU V 08 Fashion Premiere
Saturday, November 29th, at 12pm slt
12 pieces, 1 beautiful show and social

Skins Sponsored by AOHARU

Hosted by The Fashion Research Institute, Inc., in beautiful Shengri La Hope


About the Designer: 

Jare Capalini
(Invited into the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace on October 24, 2008)
My Rez date was March 2nd,2007.  My Fashion line is labeled “AU V” and the type of fashion I want for my label is Couture and Avant Gaurde. My vision is to create beauty that no one else has and harness something that people have only scraped the surface of, and dig deeper into it. My Inspiration for all my clothing is the seasons. To me my favorite image in the whole world is Japan in the winter. To see modern Tokyo a high fashion and hugely electronic city, and put a large blanket of snow on it, it’s gorgous. I hope my line shows people a type of look that they haven’t ever seen, and to bring them to a place more like a fantasy that they didn’t know the loved.

   AU V


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