Project “Runway”…of the Shengri La Variety

It’s challenging not to keep writing about the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace.  Many a night we’ve seen any combination of impromptu fashion shows on the boardwalk, a sneak preview of award-winner Callipygian Christensen’s lastest photo series, a welcoming of a new designer (with the official announcement of his fashion line forthcoming), a finding of another designer resting on a gargoyle, or a close encounter of the Linden kind with Torley (he of video tutorial fame) running around as a tiny kitten snapping pictures of the five-island Shengri La sims for his SLBuzz, Snapzilla, KoinUp, and Flickr streams.

So without saying too much, here’s a couple of images of a couple of those happenings.  

Here I am in Jare’s shop at the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace.  Jare’s “AU V” fashion line represents the latest addition to the Marketplace, with the official announcement to be made by Shenlei Flasheart through Shenlei’s Shengri La Utopian Micronation blog.  But I couldn’t resist wearing one of Jare’s truly very finely-crafted creations and sharing a bit of a sneak peak (beyond last night’s impromptu boardwalk fashion show).

An early look at one of Jare's finely-crafted creations
An early look at one of Jare's finely crafted creations
Another peak at one of Jare's wonderful creations
Another peak at Jare's wonderful creation
There’s only so much walking one can do in stiletto heels.  So, where does a girl rest her weary feet after a long day?  Check out the gargoyles.  Not quite Santa, but they’re comfy when you just feel like plopping a squat.  Here’s a photo of Shengri La Marketplace Designer Misteria Loon and me resting on one of the many gargoyles that line the Marketplace boardwalk.  The most serious problem with this photo is that it doesn’t do justice to Misteria’s latest creation, the black feather gown that she and I are both wearing.  Her newest creation is simply *sublime.* 
Sneak Peak of Misteria's Sublime Feather and Lace Dress
Sneak peak of Misteria's gorgeous feather and lace dress

We’re both wearing the dress version, but it comes with a long skirt (and a capelet) to make it a gown.  Every part of that creation is gorgeous, down to the lace stockings which are so impossibly intricate and meticulously detailed it’s astounding.  Please do check it out at Misteria’s PasDeDeux shop in the Vintage Marketplace (slurl in the first paragraph).  You won’t be disappointed.  The artistry is amazing and what you get for the price will, well, simply knock your socks off.  

Speaking of knocking socks off…this gal is about to kick off her shoes, drink some hot chocolate, and literally smell the roses for a bit.  (The forecast calls for flurries tomorrow…FLURRIES!!! GAH!)  Maybe I’ll ponder a bit on November’s National Novel Writing Month .  I *greatly* admire (beyond words, ironically enough) those who participate(d) in this.  I have yet to do so, but hope to one year.  Meanwhile, its fast arrival and my admiration for those who do are both inspiring me…if not quite yet for a novel, then perhaps for my next blog. 

Until then, how about that nice cup of hot cocoa…extra chocolate, please, yes, indeedy do, smiles.